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How Do We Transform Your Space Into a Beautiful Space For You to Enjoy?

At Triple Peak Construction, we understand every homeowner has a vision. It's our job to listen and to deliver you a 5-star experience and a 5-star product.


From start to finish, our talented designers, project managers, and customer success representatives will deliver you a smooth and exciting experience with our 5-phase home process we have mastered.

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

The first step in this process is a 30-minute consult call with one of our experienced remodeling specialists.  We ask our potential clients to send us pictures of their space as it is now plus any pictures that they might already have for inspiration.  During this call, you will discuss your vision for the project.  We will ask a lot of questions about your project, timelines, and expectations.  We will share any ideas or pro tips to consider as well.  We do this so we can provide you with an accurate ballpark estimate right over the phone.  We will also discuss logistics, timeline, and how we work. 

blank estimate.png

Phase 2: Preliminary Proposal

Assuming you like everything we have to say on the consult call and we feel we’d be a great fit for your project, the second step is for us to come to your home to take measurements of your space and convert your ballpark estimate into a detailed construction proposal, material allowance budget, and draw schedule.  We give you a materials allowance at this stage because we have not worked with you yet to pick your specific materials.  This estimate is based on realistic averages from our past client’s projects. You will also get to see a 3D design of what we are proposing.

Phase 3: Design and Material Selections

Once you have decided to move forward with us as your contractor, your project will move into the design and material selection phase.  You will meet with one of our certified interior designers who help refine your design until its exactly what you are looking for.  They will help you make selections of all your materials from cabinets, to tile, to paint, to flooring, to lighting, etc. Once this is done, we will convert the preliminary proposal into the final proposal with exact material numbers.  If construction drawings and engineer sign off is required for your project (additions, new construction, major structural remodels), this will be done during this phase.

Design and Material Selection.jpg
Pre-construction walkthrough.jpg

Phase 4: Pre-Construction Walkthrough

During this phase, we will submit for your permits, order all materials, and conduct the pre-construction walkthrough with you and your project success team, which consists of your dedicated project manager and your project success coordinator.  These two are your main points of contact throughout your project with us who are responsible for providing continuous communication with you regarding project progress, milestone achievement, and handling of any emergencies or issues that may arise. We will take before photos of your space as well.


We require that all materials be present on-site before we start the construction phase, this ensures that we do not have any mid-project delays due to delivery delays or issues.

Phase 5: Construction

During your project, your dedicated project manager, Triple Peak field team, and your project success coordinator will complete your project following the scope of work and schedule on the proposal.  Your project manager will be your primary contact for any day to day construction related questions, but your project success coordinator will remain hands-on throughout the construction to ensure your project turns out exactly as you dreamed it would.  Your team will treat your home with respect and care and will be responsible for cleaning the work area at the end of each day. 


Now is a great time to remind you of our definition of a successful project is one that you are equally happy with your experience with us as you are with the amazing finished product.  We go to extremes in our planning, details, design, and communications to minimize any potential issues, change orders, or delays, however, remodeling is still an invasive process to your daily lives and as such we strongly encourage all of our clients to let us know the minute something is not living up to the expectation described above. Big or small, we want to know about it and correct it in real time.

3312 Clayborne Ave Alexandria-large-008-

Phase 6: Post Construction

Once the project is completed and you are in love with your new space, we will professionally photograph the completed renovation and provide you with quality before and after photos.  We offer a 1-year labor warranty on your project and will check in periodically throughout that one year to make sure everything is going great and see if there is anything that you need.  We do this so you never have to worry about not hearing from your contractor once the project is completed.

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